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The main function of fence installation is to provide security and privacy to properties. Aside from fences, other structures than can provide this function are cages and enclosures. Both of these offer a wide range of functionalities. At Shreveport Fence Company, we can help you choose which type would be best for you. We offer you plenty of options of affordable yet durable cages and enclosures.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We only use the highest-quality materials for any project. Some of the types we offer are equipment cages, batting cages, dog cages and dog kennel cages, and safety enclosure. To give you a better idea about each of these types, we have provided you some descriptions below.

Tools Cages and Equipment Cages
The primary function of tool cages and equipment cages is to store commercial tools and machinery. These are built with the most durable material to help keep all the equipment safely. The difference between tool cages and equipment cages is their size. Equipment cages are usually bigger than tool cages.

Batting Cages
If you are familiar with sports such as baseball or softball, batting fences are probably not new to you. These are used for practice batting sessions as a safety measure, keeping the balls from going too far.

Dog cages and kennel cages
These are generally used to protect your dogs and pets. We use safe and study material to prevent injury to your pets.

Safety enclosure
One of the best examples where safety enclosures are used is around trampolines. It keeps people from falling away from the safe zone of the enclosure.

Whatever you fence needs are, Shreveport Fence Company has you covered. For cages and enclosures in Shreveport, call us at 318-392-9396.

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