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Baseball and softball are among the most popular sports in the country these days. It is common to see back stops installed around baseball and softball fields. These structures are very helpful in protecting the audience and passersby from flying baseballs and softballs when games are ongoing. When back stops are correctly put in pace, spectators can watch the sports event properly without any fear of accidents or injuries when the balls veer off course. During games, baseballs and softballs tend to fly high and at great speeds. Therefore, it is important that back stops are adequately of tall height to make sure enough coverage. Also, the materials of the back stops should be durable enough to withstand the impacts of baseballs or softballs which usually carry much momentum.

We at Shreveport Fence Company can help you install back stops for your needs. We also offer a variety of durable materials to choose from. One of the most popular types of back stop fences are those that use chain links. This type is very simple and durable. It also offers the advantage of providing an open view, so that there is no visual obstruction for the audience watching the games. Other options we offer include vinyl coated fabric. We only use the highest quality materials for this type of back stops.

Our team that provides services for back stops installation are experienced in this type of work. We make sure that the installation process is handled properly so that there will be minimal disturbance to your daily activities.

Aside from baseball and softball fields, you can also have back stops installed in your residential properties. If you have a private basketball court, having a back stop can minimize disturbance to your neighbors.

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