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There are many reasons why customers need to have temporary fences installed. Whatever your reasons are, the common denominator among the people who avail of these services is that they do not need to have that fence permanently on their property. However, it still fulfills your needs for security and privacy for a limited time. Various materials can be used for temporary fence installation. We offer you choices of materials that are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in the area. This makes sure that even if you will only have your fences temporarily, there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

There are many different types of temporary fencing. The ones we offer for customers at Shreveport Fence company are panels, water barricades, and anti-scale fences. To help you decide which one is right for you, here is a brief description of each type.

Panels as temporary fence is ideal for situations where a bigger area is sectioned into smaller partitions. For this purpose, panel-type of temporary fences are the easiest to handle. There are many choices for the type of panel material you can avail of. Examples are wood, chain link, and even barbed wire for extra protection.

Water Barricades
This type of temporary fence is very commonly used for construction projects. It offers an extra advantage of keeping water from entering a specific area.

Anti-scale Fences
If greater security is at the top of your list, this type of temporary fence will be ideal for you. Anti-scale fences are made up of panels measuring eight feet in height. These panels are composed of mesh and durable steel plates. This is very effective in preventing trespassers for climbing and entering.

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