About Us


Our team at Shreveport Fence Company has installed numerous fences and served countless happy clients in our many years in the business. Many fence companies can offer you cheap products and services. However, choosing inexperienced companies who give services at unbelievable bargain can mean a compromise when it comes to quality. Therefore, we recommend that you consider tried and tested companies like ours for your next fence installation projects.

When it comes to installing fences, we believe in two very important attributes: experience and expertise. Shreveport Fence Company fulfills both characteristics. Since the year 2003, our team of experts has been delivering quality service for competitive rates. Our expertise comes with our experience in the business. Having served countless clients in Shreveport for more than two decades, we have earned the knowledge and skills for every type of fence installation project possible.

We uphold five important values in making sure that every fence installation project is a success and that every customer is satisfied.

1. Timeliness
Fence is an urgent need. It cannot be delayed since more time without fences mean less privacy and security for a longer period of time. By making sure we follow the schedule we set with you, your projects will not be delayed.

2. Following regulations
It is very important to review local rules and regulations to avoid problems, penalties, and costly reinstallations in the future.

3. The Culture of Safety
We follow stringent safety measures to make sure that our crew and clients are safe before, during, and after the installation process.

4. Open Communication
Your opinion matters to us when it comes to installing your fences. We make sure to communicate every step of the project with you.

5. Modernized and Technology-savvy
We make use of updated equipment and technologies that can help deliver our services efficiently at no extra cost.

For inquiries about our services, call us today at 318-392-9396.