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Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. As the ownership of pet dogs became increasingly popular among Americans, plenty of people come to fence companies for their dog kennel needs.

Dog kennels serve as small homes where the dogs can stay. This may also be found in places such as animal rescue centers and dog shelters. Different dogs and different animal handlers have specific needs for their dog kennels. We at Shreveport Fence Company understand your needs about the peculiarities and specifications of these things. We source our materials from the best manufacturers in the area, ensuring that your we provide you with only the highest quality dog kennels you can find.

Dog kennels are commonly made of chain-link type fences. This is important to ensure protection of the dogs. Moreover, it provides you an open view of your pet at the same time. The two types of dog kennels we offer are temporary dog kennels and permanent dog kennels. The permanent type is composed of chain link fences with metal posts. This provides maximum protection for the dog inside the kennel. The temporary type of dog kennel is made from lighter materials. This makes them easier to move around. However, it still provides sufficient protection for the dogs.

The cost of installing dog kennels are highly variable. Most of the time, the price range is anywhere from approximately $1,000 to $7,000. For commercial establishments needing kennels, the price is usually at $11,000 to $60,000. There are many factors affecting this highly variable price range. This includes the size, customizations, transportation, and installation fees.

For the most reasonably priced dog kennels in Shreveport, we recommend you to personally consult us, the Shreveport Fence Company so we can estimate the costs based on your needs. Call us today at 318-392-9396.

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